Finding peace

Imagine this,  trying to listen to a podcast on Our Daily Bread when in the background your son has a daily anger fit regarding school and having to go to school,  his anger appears to be a repetitive behaviour because he is on the autism spectrum, a repeating of the same anger every morning before school but you ask him why he is angry and it because school is so dumb, not really a good reason and probably not the real reason so I pray for a breakthrough and for God’s peace in his heart today.  

I pray that I can understand his anger,  find the root and pull it out.  Sometimes however we have to deal with tough things,  they help us grow and become stronger in ourselves and with God in our lives we can face these adversities and overcome them.

I also pray for the meeting this morning regarding his Individual Education Plan IEP is able to reveal to us some breakthrough changes that school may be enjoyable.

Feeling a little depleted in the tank this morning too so hoping I can recharge.

Johan and the Whale was the subject of Our Daily Bread called Its not about the fish.   I see maybe that Ethan is Johan and school might be the whale, I pray that God brings his grace and love to Ethan as he did to Jonah.

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