Who am I?  That’s a big question to ask oneself and how do you answer it?   A member of the human race?  One of the millions of humans inhabiting this planet?  Just another person trying to survive life?   I guess the answer defines the person.

You could break the answer down into words,  therefore, I am a:

Human, Male, Father, Youtuber, Thinker, Fixer, Englishman,  Morose.

But it does not capture who I am but just gives an inkling into the many facets of who I am.  Hang on… Morose?

It’s a word first introduced to me by Captain, My Captain,  Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society,  a movie I was fond of as a younger man.

It means:

  1. sullen and ill-tempered.
    synonyms: sullensulkygloomybad-temperedill-tempereddoursurlysourglummoodyill-humoredmelancholymelancholicbroodingbroodydolefulmiserabledepresseddejected,
    despondentdowncast,  unhappylowdowngrumpyirritablechurlishcantankerouscrotchety,

Wow,  I am the “life of the party” am I not.  If left unchecked,  my mood will gravitate as if its almost a default setting to run at this level.

I have many things to be happy about but I generally default to some of the above,  I know not if being on the Autism Spectrum as I suspect I am,  is a factor or not but I can generally find myself using one or more of but seldom all of the above to describe who I am, therefore,  I thought an exploration of happiness may be in order and I wanted to share my journey with you.